Don't Do It Without A Doula!

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

This could be an interesting birth

I met with the lady I talked about in my previous post. We'll call her Daisy. She is very nice, really wants a natural birth. I tell you ladies, if there were EVER a perfect candidate for a doula, it would be her. She has no-one else to be with her, she was going to labour alone! Her Mom is the only person and she has to watch her daughters. Her baby is the result of a sexual assault on her by her ex-boyfriend. I'm so thankful that God made our paths cross. Traci (my new doula friend) is excited about helping her too. We're going to try and make sure one of us can go with her to most of her OB appointments, since she has no-one else. I'm not sure what the rules are of the home she's moving into but hopefully I will know more soon.

If anyone reading has any advice about supporting this woman please feel free to post it in the comments.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm going to be a DOULA!

I'm so excited! A girl e-mailed me about being her doula. I didn't hear back so I followed up... turned out she couldn't afford a doula. To make a long story short she is a single Mom (3rd baby), age 20, ex-husband nowhere to be found and left her financially screwed. She is really sweet. She lives pretty near me but is moving on Thursday to a maternity home out near St. Charles (which is pretty far from me). I pretty much had to convince her I really WANTED to do this for her and she shouldn't feel crappy about not being able to pay - I just told her to 'pay it forward'. She wants to become a doula someday too and solely help low income women like herself!

I'm just so excited. Plus this will be a certification birth for my new doula friend, this will be the first birth EVER she has attended!

AND she might come to my church tomorrow so that would be really neat. :) I'm just so excited. She's due in August so I will be on call in a few weeks... WOW!

Some exciting things are happening

I was in the local Birthright office to donate some things and talk to them about volunteering my doula services. I saw some pamphlets for another doula, I was pretty surprised to hear of a doula in this county because as far as I knew they were pretty much non-existant! So I called her and we met up a few days later. She's been trained for almost 2 years and still never been to a birth. We're brainstorming about ways to get new clients. She's also a massage therapist, which is really cool. We've agreed to be each other's back-up doula too. We're swapping doula books and other resources.

I also have a few prospective clients again... mostly volunteer work but I'm just excited to attend births. As long as I can afford the gas to get there!